Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Best Gay Movies : Vacation Land

Bangor, Maine is the setting for "Vacationland" where our three late high school age youngsters reside. Joe, his sister Theresa, and Joe's high school friend Andrew, the athlete, people the story. Joe and Theresa live with their irresponsible mother, who is often too drunk to materially intervene in their lives....

You can watch the whole movie here : Vacation Land

The Best Gay Movies : Hold your Peace

Hold Your Peace is the story of Aiden, a man asked to be the best man at his ex-boyfriend's commitment ceremony. Rather than risk going alone, he finds the most unlikely of dates in his roommate's more 'stereotypical' friend, Lance. As time goes on, he discovers that things are far more complex than he thought he could handle. A gay romantic comedy with a lot of heart, it explores how we all decide who we're going to spend our lives with, and what happens when we try to deny what's really in our hearts.....

You can watch the whole movie here : Hold Your Peace

The Best Gay Movies : Like a Brother

Sebastien is a small town boy who moves to Paris and begins to explore the gay night life there. When a friend from back home calls to announce he's coming to Paris, Sebastien confronts some unrequited feelings.....

You can watch the whole movie here : Like a Brother

The Best Gay Movies : College Boy Live

In a quiet Orlando, Florida, suburb three young men struggle to escape the wreckage of their pasts and create new lives for themselves. Their new home is, a voyeur web cam house rigged with 32 cameras, where their every move is watched by thousands of paying members. The site's creator claims is simply about showing that "it's okay to be gay." But the neighbors insist it's a pornographic whorehouse and sue to have them evicted. This intimate and provocative documentary examines a complex subculture, but at its heart is the universal search for family and acceptance.

You can watch the whole movie here : College Boys Live

The Best Gay Movies : Big Gay Musical

Paul and Eddie have just begun previews for the new Off-Broadway musical "Adam and Steve Just the Way God Made 'Em." Their lives strangely mirror the characters they are playing. Paul is looking for the perfect man and Eddie is dealing with how his sexuality and faith can mix. After yet another disastrous dating experience, Paul has an epiphany. He is done dating and just wants to be a slut like the sexy chorus boys that share his dressing room.....

You can watch the whole movie here : The Big Gay Musical

The Best Gay Movie : My Own Private River

Mike, a street hustler, is standing alone on a deserted stretch of highway. He starts talking to himself and notices that the road looks “like someone’s face, like a fucked-up face.” He experiences a narcoleptic episode and dreams of his mother comforting him as he replays home movies of his childhood in his mind....

You can watch the whole movie here : My Own Private River

The Best Gay Movies : Naked as We Came

The two male protagonists in this film were clearly chosen for their pectorals rather than for their acting ability, and that about sums up the general quality of this forgettable drama. With the exception of S. Lue McWilliams who, as the dying mother (and only grownup), has too few moments on screen, the acting is very "daytime soap" – in short, overwrought and about as subtle as a crutch.

You can watch the whole movie here : Naked as We Came

The Best Gay Movies : Sebastian (1995)

This film has been criticized for being unrealistic and saccharine but I found it a pleasant change.

This is the story of a beautiful young man who decides that he's gay and is in love with one of his circle of friends.

Admittedly, the film doesn't seem to be very realistic by American standards. The two beautiful young men play at being rock stars, make and eat some waffles and then try some body painting and doing each other's make-up. Afterwards they share a Bolero-scored bath scene and yet Ulf is surprised when Sebastian kisses him.

You can watch the whole movie here : Sebastian 

The Best Gay Movies : Apo tin akri tis polis (1998)

A group of Pontiac Greek immigrant teenage dreamers dwelling marginalized in the notorious and lusterless wild suburbia, witness the city's repulsive face and an unrelenting world defined by prostitution, drugs, and inevitably, loss...

You can watch the whole movie here : From the Edge of the City

The Best Gay Movies : Caio

Jeff is taking care of everything Mark left behind when he died. Mark was about to have a visitor, Andrea, an Italian guy he met online. Both of them will have the chance to share memories of the Mark they knew while knowing each other.

You can watch the whole movie here : Caio

The Best Gay Movies :Cowboys and Angel

The story concerns a hapless civil servant who gets more than he bargained for when he moves into an apartment with a gay fashion student and finds himself on the catwalk. The film sets out to explore the difficulties for young people in keeping their identities in a fast moving culture of drugs and clubs.

You can watch the whole movie here : C&A


Note : This photos is nothing to do with movie "Romance". I couldn't find real photo so that I added this photo.

I couldn't find the movie "Romance" as Google don't give me targeted movie. I only have link to movie "Romance".

But it is not fake. You can watch the whole movie : Romance

9 Dead Gay Guys

Two Irish lads stumble through London's gay scene.

Byron and Kenny find themselves in a Greek tragedy of horrendous proportions as the gay guys that the cynical, drunken one of this Irish pair of 'working' lads has persuaded his more innocent friend to make money from start dropping dead. Ripped clothes and rent boys are in evidence as the lads start looking for the loot in the orthodox jew's bed, and they need a tool as big as two cans of Red Bull to get there......

You can watch the whole movie here (Not Scam): 9 Dead Gay Guys

The Strapped

A handsome young prostitute learns about life and love during a sex-filled odyssey in an apartment building filled with strange inhabitants.

You can watch the whole movie here (Not scam) : Strapped

The Best Gay Movies : Vacation Land

Bangor, Maine is the setting for "Vacationland" where our three late high school age youngsters reside. Joe, his sister Theres...